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Your Future is not dictated by your Past

Patrick and Heather Rurka are committed to helping you create the life, job and relationships you desire by teaching you how to remove limitations and old beliefs that are keeping you stuck getting the same results over and over. 

After 25 years in the health care field, Patrick and heather sold their pharmacy and now help people grow using mindset, energy, and nutrition.

Medications play an important role in healing, however they are not the TOTAL answer,  Changing the way you THINK, FEEL and ACT will have the most profound effects on your BODY, MIND and RELATIONSHIPS. You have been programmed to believe that many things are out of your control. It is our goal to GIVE YOU BACK CONTROL.  Control of you Thoughts, Feelings and Actions


One on One Coaching

Sessions are designed to empower you to identify and remove blocks holding you back from what you want.  We will NOT co-sign your BS. We will push you to look at the actual causes of your frustrations and equip you with the tools  to make real change. Business, Relationships, Personal Growth, Weight Loss, and Goal Setting are some of the topics we can help you explore. 


Energy Clearing 

Everything is ENERGY.  Science has taught us that your thoughts create an energy shift in the body that leads to a flood of neurochemicals in your system.  Removing negative thoughts and trapped emotions can allow the body to heal and grow. We incorporate a number of modalities to help you release the negative energy trapped in your thoughts and in your body. We are certified in current energy releasing techniques including Emotion Code, 


guided Meditation - Hypnotherapy

When people hear Hypnotherapy they think... People doing stupid things on stage... 
​We use hypnotherapy as a way to allow you to focus MORE clearly on what is important to you. We guide you through meditative processes that allow you to be in complete control while leading to the outcomes you desire.   



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Hypnotherapy as a way to Grow 

in 2024 Heather and Patrick were certified as Hypnotherpists by Dr. Paul Mckenna through Mindvalley. This has added another tool to the arsenal of techniques to help you achieve your goals.  The certification included techniques to :

  • ​Decrease Stress and Improve Sleep
  • Remove Phobias
  • ​Relieve Anxiety
  • ​Release Weight, Quit Smoking and Eliminate Other Addictions or Bad Habits

Book Your Free Consultation

Coaching, Energy Work, and Guided Meditation is very personal work. Book a 15 minute consultation to ensure we can serve you in the best way possible. In the consultation you will be given:

  • A one-on-one Zoom or phone call with Patrick or Heather
  • ​Access to the personal booking calendar 
  • An overview of the techniques we use 
  • ​The opportunity to ask any questions 
  • ​A general plan of how we would move forward including pricing and scheduling.


Phasco is an acronym for PEACE, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE, SIGNIFICANCE, CONNECTION (LOVE)  AND OPEN-HEARTEDNESS. Patrick and Heather believe that these are the key elements to living your best life.  What does Peace look like to you? How about Happiness? Abundance is very personal... Not everyone wants to be a millionaire! Have you asked yourself the question, What do you want to be abundant in your life?  Our goal is to help you remove the block that are holding you back from living your best life.


Relationship Help

Love is not a prize you put on the mantle. It is a full time JOB.  it takes hard work, commitment, vulnerability and continued growth.  This includes with your loved ones and the abilty to love and appreciate yourself. Let us help you grow your skills. 


Stress and Anxiety

The Stress of day to day life is overwhelming to some.  Fear creeps in and starts to take over.  It is time for you to see you fears for what they are and to start overcoming them.  Let us work with you to start a path to creating the future you want instead of the future you FEAR. 


Let go of baggage

Is it time to let go of the baggage weighing you down. NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOT LOVED, I CAN'T DO IT.  NOT IMPORTANT!!!  Its time to let go of these lies and set yourself free.  


What others are saying

Corbin Kempenaar

Patrick provides a genuine and sincere way of viewing yourself and your overall health & wellness. Through his heart-centered outreach, he helps you get to the root of the challenge you are dealing with, and shows you how to heal from within.

D'Arcy Henneberry

Heather has played a pivotal role in guiding me through new career opportunities and expanding my life beyond the confines of my comfort zone. Together, we've shattered the limitations imposed by my subconscious programs.
Her skillful approach has liberated me from persistent self-doubts, worries and fears, fostering a newfound sense of freedom and unwavering confidence in my abilities.

Colin Sprake

Patrick has taken his brilliance and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical world and combined them to bring about enlightenment into one's true health and wellness potential.


"To be the leading organization empowering people to grow into their truest potential by providing a path to peace, happiness, and Abundance both personally and relationally so they can live Lives of Significance, Connection and Open Heartedness 


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