Question: What's holding you back from back from reaching your goals?
Patrick Rurka BSc. Pharm CTE
WHY WE SHOULD TALK: After 20 years as a pharmacist, I realized that Medications do not solve your health problems. Learn how you can take back control of your life through nutrition, mindset and emotional release. 
let me show you how.
What Area Of Your Life Could Be Better?
I need to get my Health under control!
My Relationship needs improvement!
My Job or Business is stressing me out!

I need to let go of my Emotional baggage!
 I need to Quit Smoking!
Am I taking too many medications?
I need to lose weight fast!
I need to improve every area!

 Grow Closer in Your Relationships
Our 6 Session Relationship Growth Coaching Package will bring you and your partner closer by examining the issues holding you back from being a team. These private coaching sessions allows you and your spouse the opportunity to communicate openly about your fears, struggles and miscommunications without judgement.   
 Find Happiness through Living on Purpose
Removing the negative beliefs you are hanging on to will create a pathway to your inner happiness. Let me show you how to bring more joy into your life.
 Create a Super Healthy Body and Mind while Enjoying Real Food
 Learn how decreasing the stress in your body leads to easier weight loss, better sleep and more energy. The Phasco Health Nutrition program takes a whole body approach to creating the healthiest you possible.  We start by addressing your relationship with food and work to eliminate the negative beliefs that are holding you back from success.  Our goal is to make you the CEO of your health.
What People Are Saying:
Patrick has taken his brilliance and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical world and combined them to bring about enlightenment into one's true health and wellness potential.
- Colin Sprake Founder and CEO Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc.  

Patrick provides a genuine and sincere way of viewing yourself and your overall health & wellness. Through his heart-centered outreach, he helps you get to the root of the challenge you are dealing with, and shows you how to heal from within. 
- Corbin Kempenaar, Entrepreneur, Investor and owner of Mikes Computer Shop
This program puts you back in the driver seat in life. You take control of your life, your choices, your happiness
- Leeann C. AB
This is a well rounded comprehensive program which covers physical,mental emotional, and spiritual well being. It is also tailored for individual needs. Awesome!!
- Gwen  O.  Alberta
Our Mission for the Planet
The Phasco Health Vision
To be the leading organization empowering people to grow into their truest potential by
providing a path to Peace, Happiness and Abundance both personally and relationally so they can  live Lives of Significance, Connection and Open-heartedness
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